”EgoLitera” is a new thematic online Romanian Journal focused on encouraging  an interdisciplinary approach to history and literature.

We invite researchers to send us their articles and reviews by e-mail at the following address: revista@egolitera.eu.  The articles should follow the Chicago Manual of Style in English, Romanian and French languages.

The first two themes are:

The Palace of the Mind: the Universe of Historical and Literary Sources  (July 2017)

Emotions in history and literature   (December 2017)

Editorial Board:

Editor in chief:  Dr. Marin Toma

Managing editor: drd. Adelina-Elena Sorescu

Manuscript editor: dr. Mădălina-Violeta Dîrmină

Scientific Committee:

Conf. univ. dr. Constantin Bărbulescu (University of Pitești)

Conf. univ. dr. Claudiu Neagoe (University of Pitești)

CS III, Oana Andreia Sâmbrian, Academia Română, filiala Craiova