EgoLitera Call for Publications

Dragi prieteni, in iulie, lansam primul numar al revistei EgoLitera. Pana atunci, asteptam articole din partea celor interesati si pasionati de literatura, istorie si toate legaturile dintre cele doua discipline:

”EgoLitera” is a new thematic online Romanian Journal focused on encouraging  an interdisciplinary approach to history and literature.

The main theme of the first number is The Palace of the Mind: the Universe of Historical and Literary Sources. It may refer to aspects like:

  • theoretical approaches to history and literature;
  • historical sources for literature;
  • literature as connected source for history;
  • historical and literary sources.

We invite researchers to send us their articles and reviews by 1st of July only by e-mail at the following address: revista@egolitera.eu.  The articles should follow the Chicago Manual of Style in English, Romanian and French languages.

Contact info:

Marin TOMA, editor in chief

Email:  revista@egolitera.eu

URL: www.egolitera.eu

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